Your Guide to Visiting a Butcher Shop

Whether this is your first visit or not, a visit to the butcher shop can be a little overwhelming to those who are not knowledgeable about the various cuts of meats. A quick glance into the meat case can leave you with many questions unanswered. Once you receive a little education, you may just find yourself looking forward to the trip every week. This guide will walk you through the process of visiting a butcher shop so that you can get quality meat at a quality price.

Evaluate the Appearance
First off, if this is your first trip to the butcher or a particular shop, you will first want to give it a once over for cleanliness. The meat case should be clean and the meat inside should look fresh with no blood pooling around the meat. You may notice that some of the meat has a little brown on it, but this should not alarm you as it is part of the normal oxidation process. The most important thing is that the shop smells fresh and clean.

Prepare Your Questions
The butcher behind the counter will welcome any questions you have concerning the meat selections. In fact, if you worry about spending too much on quality meats, talk to this professional as they can quickly turn you to another cut of meat that may be just as tender, but more economical for your needs. You can also ask them for cooking tips on the cut of meat you select as they often take special cuts home to cook themselves.

Evaluate Your Options
If you prefer to fill your freezer with enough meat to last for a year, the butcher shop Hamilton is the perfect place to go. Many shops offer full sides of beef or pork for special prices or can direct you to someone who can fill your order for a full cow or pig. Once the meet is butchered, you can be guaranteed to have the cuts you desire and you will have a whole freezer full of quality meat.

The butcher shop may sound like it could be an intimidating place to visit, but it is the best place you can go to provide meat for your family. Unlike the grocery store, the butcher shop specializes in meat. They can answer all your questions, help you to determine which cut of meat is the best for the type of cooking you plan to do, and they may just open your mind up to some selections that you might never have discovered otherwise.

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