What types of youth programs and summer camps are important? Street Survey [Video Transcript]

Speaker 1: Maybe sports programs, music, art, whatever kids are really interested in.

Speaker 2: Anything related to activities like, I don’t know, soccer, any sports.

Speaker 3: It’s up to the kid, so it has to be a little more one on one, rather than just group things.

Speaker 4: Going to Ontario Summer Camps, I like going up to them because it brings me closer to a lot of different people, brings me to a different experiences, and gives me leadership.

Speaker 5: Lots of lifetime friends, and lots of great activities, and sports, and sailing, and all of that.

Speaker 6: The more the kids are engaged in sports, organized sports, the more they learn how to socialize and become responsible.

Speaker 7: Especially sports programs that are constructive, it gives you a schedule, and it builds discipline, and it really focuses you on something other than school. That’s important because just having structure in your life keeps you away from other activities that wouldn’t be as productive.

Speaker 8: I think people are trying their best to put the programs out there, but I think there’s so many distractions for youth these days that we have to make our programs good, for starters, and engaging.

Speaker 9: My thing, it’s important for them to be outside communing, well being in touch with nature, but that’s not necessarily easy to accomplish, depending on where you’re doing this.

Speaker 10: You know, there’s some kids that don’t get out of the city. Yeah, so I guess if that’s something that would have real value for some of the kids, just to get out of the city, absolutely.
To learn more information and what programs are available at summer camps, please contact:
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