Top 4 Medical Malpractice Claims

Any patient that is harmed or injured in the course of medical treatment by a doctor or medical facility has the right to bring a malpractice claim against that individual or medical organization. Generally, the malpractice claims require a Medical malpractice expert witness to further prove negligence was involved in the treatment of the patient. Here are the top 4 medical malpractice claims.

1. Misdiagnosis

Often, a physician might run a test on a patient and misdiagnose the patient. Of course, the physician always attempts to offer the highest standards of care to the patient, but mistakes do occur. Generally, this is due to the complexity of the illness that might not have the usual symptoms. For example, infections, heart disease, lung disease, and tumors are often misdiagnosed in patients leading to complications.

2. Surgical Errors

More errors than you might think occur during the surgical procedure or while giving the patient anesthesia. Typical surgical errors include leaving objects in the patient’s body, damaging nerves, or unusual blooding. Anesthesia-related problems are also an occurring issue during surgery too. All relate to improper care that ultimately harmed the patient during the surgical procedure.

3. Prescription Errors

Patients file medical malpractice lawsuits against medical professionals because they prescribed a medicine that caused them harm or gave them too much of a prescribed medicine that led to harm or illness. In other situations, a nurse or other medical professional might have given the patient the wrong medication in a hospital setting. Mistakes like this happen frequently. For example, a patient was prescribed one pill 4 times per day. The attending nurse makes an error and gives the patient 4 pills at a time, once a day.

4. Negligence Affecting A Pregnancy Or Childbirth

Modern medicine has advanced considerably since the dark ages of medicine that had the mother attended to by a midwife in a nonmedical setting. However, things still might go horribly wrong during the mother’s pregnancy or during childbirth. Some of the typical problems that might occur include unusual bleeding to the mother, diabetes, prolonged labor that injured the mother and baby, or a delivery that was unusually complicated. It must be established that the attending physician failed to use proper care, leading to the injury. A Medical malpractice expert witness with the proper background will add validity to the claim.

If you or a loved one were harmed or injured because of medical negligence, it’s vital to contact a medical malpractice lawyer immediately for more information and to understand your rights to file a claim and receive full compensation for injuries.

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