The Four Most Significant Benefits To Short Term Apartment Rentals

Shelter is a necessity for life; today, we’re fortunate enough to live in houses, apartments, and condominiums, making life loads easier than it was just one hundred years ago, if not more recently than that. In Canada, slightly more than half – 50.2% – of all millennials aged 30 years old owned their places of living, leaving a large portion of Canadians to rent their residences. Whatever their reasoning may be, some choose to seek short term apartment rentals, those lasting only days or weeks.

Let’s dig into the various benefits of a short term rental.

1. Short Term Apartment Rentals Come With Added Flexibility

While some landlords are willing to negotiate lease terminations on long-term leases, you’re likely legally obligated to pay the remainder of your lease in the event of ending it early. Short term apartment rentals allow lessees flexibility; renters can live in a residency for as long as one wants, can typically terminate leases prematurely without penalties, and allow renters to test out several areas they’re interested in without committing to long-term engagements.

2. A Short Term Rental Often Equates To A Furnished Apartment

If you live in an apartment, condominium, home, or other residential space for only days or weeks, it’s not likely you’d be willing to absorb the hefty costs of purchasing furniture, expenses associated with transporting such furniture and appliances, or even going to the lengths of moving around and placing furniture in a place of residence. Doing so simply isn’t worth the effort – landlords realize this, however, meaning virtually every short term apartment comes equipped with furniture and appliances.

3. They Lend Benefits To Dislocated Or Traveling Workers

Although it’s safe to say most people would enjoy working in one township, county, or local area, many businesspeople and physical laborers are required to switch up locations on a regular basis. As such, it doesn’t make sense for them to agree to long-term rental agreements. Most traveling workers – including dislocated workers that might not currently be employed, although they’ve traveled to an area with higher chances of obtaining employment than their original places of living – either stay in hotels, which are often expensive compared to any short term rental apartment.

4. Ideal For Vacationing In Style

It’s true that most individuals, groups of friends, and family units traveling abroad rent out hotels. However, hotels can be expensive. As such, it makes sense for travelers to seek out short term apartment rentals for two primary reasons: they’re cheaper if vacationers are staying for weeks at a time; also, a short term furnished apartments Toronto typically has better furniture and amenities when compared to hotels.

Whether you’re considering working away from home, vacationing, or simply looking for flexibility in renting around your hometown, renting for short periods of time certainly has its benefits.

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