Prevent Basement Floods With Sump Pumps

Basement Plumbing
Many homes around the country suffer from ground wetness. It is estimated that most homeowners will most likely deal with a flooded basement at one point or another. It will only require little amounts of water to cause hundreds and thousands of dollars of damage. Having a moist basement can lead to growth of mildew and mold which are health hazards. Contract a plumber to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Ideally, you need plumber services to install a sump pump which helps in flood protection.

What you should know about sump pumps
A sump pump is a pump that can be submersed and sit at the bottom of a pit. This pump should be installed at the lowest point of your crawl space or basement. Any ground water in the foundation of your home will move into a draining system that is installed at the base of your home foundation. The flood water will then flow into drainpipes and eventually into the sump pit. The sump pump then removes the water automatically by pumping it into a storm a well.

How a sump pump is installed
Sump pumps can be wired into the electrical system of your home or plugged in directly into an outlet. Many sump pumps that are manufactured today have a backup battery to ensure that the sump pump will work when there is a power outage. In case you experience a power outage for a long period, a battery backup for your sump pump will come in handy. However, there are other water powered backup systems that use water pressure to pump out water from the sump pit and protect your basement from water damage. Talk to a professional plumber like plumber Toronto and get to know about the different backup options you can use.

How to maintain your sump pump
Ensure that you test your sump pump every once in a while to ensure that it is still working. To test your sump pump, pour water into the sump pit. A sump pump that is working efficiently will turn itself on automatically and remove the water from the pit in a matter of a few seconds before shutting itself down. Ensure that you also check that the float and check valve are moving freely.

Make sure that you also clean your sump pit regularly. To do this, remove all the dirt, gravel and sand to increase the efficiency of your pump and prolong its lifespan. The opening at the end of your discharge line should also be free from any obstruction so that the water can be pumped easily out of your basement. If you are not confident that you can maintain your sump pump, call a professional plumber.

Sump pump repair and replacement
Like any other equipment that has moving parts, your sump pump will wear out with time and you will have to get a replacement. There is no rule on how often you should replace your sump pump since it depends on how often you use it. If for any reason your sump pump stops working, ensure you consult a qualified plumber to repair or replace it.

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