How to Determine Which Wood Species is Right for Your Flooring

The decision to invest in hardwood flooring for your home is easy to make. After all, wood floors infuse a home with sophisticated elegance, increase property values and enhance the home in many other ways. However, the decision about which type of hardwood flooring to choose is not as easy to make. There are a seemingly endless range of options available to choose from, and there are many factors you need to consider as you make your selection. By focusing on these important points, you can more easily decide which type of hardwood floors to install in your home.

The Strength and Durability of the Wood
Some types of wood, such as oak and bamboo, are known for their strength and durability. Most of the stronger wood types are made from trees that grow very slowly, so the unfortunate catch when choosing a hardwood is that some of these options can lead to deforestation. Bamboo, however, is one of the exceptions in this area. Stronger, more durable wood will resist scratches and dents in the wood with regular use. It may also provide you with a longer overall life in some cases.

The Cost of the Wood
The cost of the wood flooring Toronto is another important factor to consider, and this factor may help you to eliminate many options from your selection. Some exotic types of wood may cost a small fortune, such as acacia, African mahogany and tigerwood. Some of the more common options, such as hickory and walnut, are among the more affordable options. Keep in mind that you can find discounts by shopping online, looking for clearance or discontinued models and more. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to settle on a type of wood that is not preferable to you simply because of a limited budget.

Your Style Preference
While you want to find a strong, affordable wood type for your home, you also need the style to suit your preference. Consider, for example, that some wood is heavily knotted or striated. Some have wavy or undulating striations, and others have very straight striations. These factors can impact the look of your rooms significantly, and you need to find a look that is most appealing to you and that will look great in your home. After you have focused on a specific wood type, you will then need to choose a finish or stain color that works well with the color scheme in your home. Pay most attention to built-in features when choosing a stain color for your wood.

Finding the right wood for your floors can take you several days or even weeks of searching. While it can seem detrimental that there are so many options to consider, these options ensure that you will indeed be able to find the right wood floors for your home. Avoid making a hasty decision, and take your time because the weight of this decision can impact your home for decades to come.

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