All About Drain Cleanings

Sink Repair
Despite how common they are all around the world, most homeowners neglect their drains and only give them a second thought when a problem arises. When a drain is not properly cared for, gunk, fungal growth, and other debris will begin to build up along the walls of the drain. This will result in slowed and potentially clogged drains, which can lead to water damage and a call to a plumber. What’s even worse, most homeowners don’t even know that they should have the drain cleaned or what tools are involved. Once you know the options out there, you can make an informed decision that works best for your home.

Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaning
There are several drain cleaning chemicals on the market that are regularly used by homeowners. These products are generally inexpensive and easy to use. Unfortunately, they can also cause more harm than good. Not only do they rarely work as described, but they can actually harm the drain they are trying to clean and unclog. This is because the products contain toxic and dangerous chemicals that can damage the pipes. The best option is to seek help from a trusted plumber.

Seeking Professional Help
The best way to deal with a dirty or clogged drain is to seek the help of professionals. They have the tools and know how to get the job done properly and safely without damaging your pipes. This plumbing service typically involves the use of either a drain snack or hydro-jetting.

A drain snake, also known as a plumbing auger, is a long, flexible cable that features an attachment at the end with either a corkscrew or a blade. The plumber inserts the auger into the drain to remove the clog or obstruction. This tool is generally used for small problems and clogs, but are not always the best option when it comes to cleaning the drain or removing tree roots.

Hydro-jetting uses water pressure at high levels to blast through clogs and clean the drain. If tree roots are your problem, a hydro-jet can cut through them. However, because of how powerful it is, hydro-jetting can damage weak or cracked pipes.

Drain cleaning is an important part of home maintenance that helps prevent future problems. It can prevent odors, reduce the need for repairs and help prolong the life of the pipes. However, the time frame of when they should be cleaned varies. A certified plumber like plumber Toronto can give your pipes a once over to determine if they need cleaned.

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