9 Expert Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as ‘nose job,’ is a plastic surgery Toronto procedure aimed at reshaping, reducing, or correcting a disfigured or deviated nose that occurred from birth or after a traumatic accident. After undergoing this procedure, you need to follow specified guidelines to ensure a quick and successful recovery. Here are nine tips to help you recover quickly after a rhinoplasty procedure.

1. Avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs a few weeks before surgery

Medical researchers believe that alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications can enhance bleeding and swelling during surgery, and they may as well prolong your duration of healing.

2. Get moving as soon as possible

When you initiate movements such as walking, your circulation will improve, and the accumulated fluids around the treated area will be reabsorbed into your blood vessels.

3. Keep your head raised

Keeping your head elevated helps alleviate the amount of pressure in your head. Minimize the necessity to bend and keep your head elevated even when sleeping because it will help reduce the swelling due to gravity. During your recovery, it is advisable to rest on a reclining chair to keep your head high.

4. Drink lots of fluids

Your body needs sufficient fluids to help flush out the pain meds and residual anesthesia, especially after you stop taking them.

5. Apply cold compression

Using cold compression around your eyes while avoiding the top of the surgical site is crucial to reducing swelling around this area. To be more effective, do this three times a day for about 20 minutes per session.

6. Avert the constipation

Some doctors recommend daikon, a root vegetable, to help alleviate constipation caused by pain medications. It is also useful for flushing your system, especially after you have completed taking your medications. Mild stool softeners and laxatives are also effectual.

7. Avoid excessive physical activity

Vigorous physical activity is not beneficial in your effort to reduce swelling after a rhinoplasty procedure. Instead, it aggravates the healing wounds. Thus, you should only undertake such activities after consulting your physician and after your surgical wounds are completely healed.

8. Follow through your medications

Take your antibiotics on time. Remember, use of birth control medications can interfere with your antibiotics regimen. So, in case you must engage in sex, use other forms of protection.

9. Eat something

You need extra energy because your body is working round the clock to heal itself. So eat some snacks such as Goldfish crackers, vanilla wafers, and Ritz crackers to ward off nausea until you can hold some food down.

By following this advice, you will minimize the extent and duration of swelling, and you will enhance your recovery. The most important part is to follow your surgeon’s instructions thoroughly.

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