4 Gift Basket Themes That Express Thoughtfulness And Creativity

Gift Box
A thoughtful way to let someone know you’re celebrating a special milestone or life event with them, or simply showing that you care, is by giving them gift baskets. Presentation creates the biggest impact, followed by the exclusive, thoughtfully chosen items included in gift baskets.

Events like celebrating a new born baby or the adoption or birth of a new pet provide great reasons to have fun putting together a thoughtful gift basket. Of course, one gift you never go wrong with is a chocolate lover’s gift basket. They make delightful gifts for any occasion.

Ideas For New Born Baby Gift Baskets
The sweetest items to place into a new born baby gift basket include the littlest, most useful things. Items like tiny socks, pacifiers, stuffed toys, hair accessories for girls, t-shirts, onesies, bibs, diaper bag fresheners, tiny nail clippers and hair brushes and safety items like outlet covers make thoughtful gifts.

While you’re at it, don’t forget gifts for the new mom! She’ll adore pampering gifts like scented bath and shower items, cookies, biscotti, flavored coffees or teas, 15 minute recipes for those hectic first days and a baby memory book to keep track of baby’s firsts.

Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket Ideas
Excellent gift basket ideas for confectionery aficionados in your life include:
– Individually wrapped candies
– Specially shaped items made from chocolate that follow a theme, like CD shaped candies for music lovers
– Mixes in jars for making homemade hot chocolate
– Themed movies, books or DVD’s
– Hershey kisses and other popular candy favorites
– Candies flavored with Tabasco or hot pepper flavorings
– Flavored lip balms
– Themed socks and small clothing items

You can also purchase expertly put together gift baskets from a reputable retailer like Boodles of Baskets to ensure a great selection of high quality premium chocolate products.

Ideas For New Pet Parents
When a new pet is born or adopted into our homes, it’s one of the most joyful and memorable times in life. It’s a special reason to celebrate! Pet themed gift baskets are a creative way to welcome that fuzzy new little addition. Thoughtful baskets make wonderful gifts for puppy daycare owners, new puppy or kitten parents, beloved veterinarians or for boarding kennel operators. Ideas for themed baskets include:
– Puppy or kitten treats
– Nail brushes and clippers
– Small plush or squeaky toys
– Decorative collars, harnesses and leashes
– Tiny outfits to create memorable photo opportunities
– Gift certificate to a favorite groomer or supply store

Basket Container Ideas
Baskets can be crafted from things like traditional wicker baskets, small laundry baskets for holding baby gifts, small animal crates and creative organizer totes. Thought put into assembling items for baskets is the most important thing. Be sure to include a personal card or letter, and you’ll create gifts to be remembered and cherished.

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